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Comprising of our Principal Dentist, Andrew Maimur and his dedicated dentists, oral health therapists and assistants. We are ideally placed to provide you with a caring and professional environment for all your dental needs. We will always ensure you are kept informed about your dental health and are more than happy to discuss any needs and requirements with the utmost discretion.

Dr Andrew Maimur

Dr Andrew Maimur

Principal Dentist

My journey into the world of dentistry began at Melbourne University where I studied intently with a vision of providing the western suburbs with outstanding dental care. I have been here in the west ever since and am proud to call it home. I am pleased to say that I have never had any thoughts of pursuing another profession, as dentistry has afforded me many highlights and opportunities, both professionally and personally.

One of those opportunities is to volunteer my time every year with “Association Tanna”. Through this charity, I provide my expertise to the remote villages of Vanuatu in caring for their residents’ oral health.

Closer to home, I relish the comings and goings of the clinic, ensuring I provide exceptional care to my patients old and new. I particularly enjoy mentoring the terrific new vanguard of clinicians at the practice to guarantee our patients are always in the best possible hands.

When I do step away from work, I enjoy good food, good wine and good company.

Dr Shilani Piyasena


I started my dental journey after graduating from the Griffith University Dental School in sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, where I grew up. After working there for a number of years, I moved to Melbourne and joined the AM Dental Team in 2015. Since then, they have been a part of my extended family, staff and patients alike.

I am a “What you see is what you get!” kind of person. Who I am as a dentist, is the same as I am at home with my family and friends. In the clinic I like to make sure my patients are as comfortable as they can be. This means both physically and emotionally. They know that they’re going to be in the best hands possible. I always make sure that my patients walk out of the clinic with a smile on their face.

At home I love baking and doing the mum thing. At work I love general and cosmetic dentistry, and I’m always looking to further my skills to provide more for our patients. I love being a dentist and the way I can change a person’s life even in just a small way.

Most of all I love my job here at AM Dental and look forward to seeing you to extend our family further!

Dr Shilani Piyasena
Shery Abdelmalak

Dr. Prajakta Lele


As a graduate from the University of Melbourne I’ve worked across metropolitan and rural practices across Victoria. This has allowed me to gain an important appreciation for individualised treatment plans and a team-based approach to achieve good oral health outcomes for patients. At AM Dental Clinics we are always striving to create a comfortable dental environment and I love being a part of the team.

I enjoy working with children to help them overcome fears of dental visits and to instil the importance of good oral health from a young age. With adults, I feel it is vital for patients to be involved in their dental care and I like to take the time to help them understand the treatment options to allow us to work together to achieve the best outcome.

I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge to enhance our patients’ experience.

Outside of dentistry I love to explore new countries and cuisines, bake, and spend time with my family and my German shepherd, Duke.

Shery Abdelmalak

Oral Health Therapist and Orofacial Myologist

Having called AM Dental Clinics home since 2021, I have grown to appreciate the communities of Melton and Sydenham that walk through our doors.

In the early stages of my dental career, I learnt that the anxious feeling I had as a child walking into a dental surgery wasn’t all that uncommon. I would say I see more anxious patients than anything else. And even moreso, anxious patients that don’t even realise that it’s really not just them, it’s most of us! I love seeing a patient leave with so much relief and reassurance.

Having adult scope of therapy along with training in Orofacial Myology, I have a wholistic view of not only teeth, but everything that hold them together! I am particularly interested in strengthening the jawbone and gums that are the foundations of teeth, and making sure these receive equal attention as the teeth themselves.

I love working with children to both achieve good oral health habits from a young age, and to also ensure their jaws and mouths are growing to support their airways and facial structure into adulthood.

I look forward to meeting more of the Melton and Sydenham communities to make and achieve your goals and standards together!

Shery Abdelmalak
Shae Andrewartha

Shae Andrewartha

Oral Health Therapist

As an oral health therapist, I am skilled in working with children and providing comfortable cleans for patients of all ages. The staff here at AM Dental clinic are dedicated to supporting patients to make visiting our clinic a stress-free experience.

Graduating from the University of Melbourne has given me exposure to a wide range of clinics all over Victoria. This has taught me the importance of providing customised treatment plans and oral hygiene education to help my patients achieve their optimal health goals and improve their quality of life.

I take pride in building a relationship with patients who are particularly anxious about dental treatment and helping them overcome their fears to improve both their oral and general health. I look forward to providing you with exceptional care at every visit.

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